The power of eye contact to forge relationships

Do you remember having that kind of romantic moment when you got lost while gazing into someone’s eyes? That is something that is unforgettable and the mind wishes for that moment to happen again because it makes you feel warm and cozy inside. When you meet someone new, you can use the power of eye contact to form an instant bond between both of you. You may also use your eyes to flirt. There are a lot of things that you may do just using your eyes, even without saying a word. 


The windows to the soul

If you ever joined one of the online dating apps and got a match, when you met up, the first thing you would do on the date is to look into each other’s eyes. There is excitement in meeting someone that you met online to start a relationship, be it for a hook-up or for a romantic one. At times, you’ll know right away that you and the date that you met online get to ‘click’ right away.

There are times that our staring into another’s eyes can impart our desire and attraction. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eye contact can be a mere glimpse or it can be a long stare. It may sound romantic but there is a scientific reason why two people get attracted to each other when they make eye contact. 

The look of love is not exclusively for couples

The way we look into another person’s eyes does project various meanings. There is that look of love, and with the same person when the situation is different, that look may change to angry glaring. Focusing on looks that impart the love, there is a chemical reaction that happens to make the bond between two people stronger. The chemical reaction peaks also during the moments when a mother breastfeeds her child and other instances. The hormonal activity of oxytocin increases when there is eye contact. Another name for oxytocin is the love hormone. 

You might want to learn more about how to use eye contact to make people like you more. You don’t have to be a hypnotist to make a person follow your command. It isn’t necessary to look like a lovesick puppy, though that might work for some people. Those who have leadership skills and are good at sales know the power of eye contact. There are studies made to analyze the various way we make eye contact and their meanings. When you can look straight into the eyes of someone, it typically means that you are honest. 

If you meet up with someone that you found using one of the online dating apps, you would definitely make eye contact. Place on a friendly smile and a happy spark in your eyes, and for sure, your first meeting will have the right start to perhaps one of the most wonderful relationships of your life. Find someone online to date today so you can use the power of eye contact to forge your relationship.