Eye Contact In Attraction

I have read a lot of books on the subject of how important is eye contact in attraction. This article will explore this question with a focus on the realms of psychic and spiritual activity. Since so many people are seeking love and fulfillment through psychic phenomena, the answer is of critical importance.

Firstly let me explain psychic workings. While we have seen that having a close eye contact is a key part of psychic ability, in some cases it can be dangerous to have too much.

Too much can scare away the medium or attract them into a small space. It is important to respect the psychic and not stare at them too long or they may sense you are trying to use their powers against them. It could be a good idea to study their body language to gain a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings.

Yet another way that we can understand the importance of eye contact in attraction is to consider how it would feel to be totally uninterested in someone. We are all drawn to others by our own innate responses. The difficulty arises when we come to a point where we’re only interested in one or two things about them.

Now when I say “only one thing” I am saying that it is important to know the entire person and to see the best side of them. We see this as being critical in attraction because we’re trying to give our best side to them. We want them to find us charming and intriguing. If we don’t give them that, we’ll never be able to form a connection with them.

So we have now defined how important it is to maintain eye contact. This brings us to our next question, which is why we would want to. Is it worth the risk of losing a connection with our loved one if they view us as uninterested?

I have to say the answer is simple – yes. There is nothing worse than losing a connection that we had grown comfortable with over time. There are so many people out there who have grown accustomed to having good, solid relationships and it breaks our hearts to see them fall out of contact because of a slight change in their personality.

Why is it important to maintain eye contact though? For me, it’s important for two reasons. The first is because we want them to see us as having good quality and it gives us a feeling of power if we do have a positive connection with someone.

Secondly, I think the reason we are doing this is to influence their psychic workings. Since so many people get attracted to psychic phenomena, it stands to reason that they also become attracted to those who show them they are psychic. We need to be seen as good mediums, just like our readers, if we expect them to respond to us.

It is something we need to understand that what we may see as a problem is often a part of the whole. It may not be what they want to hear, but it is a part of the tapestry that creates a picture of who they are. You see this is why it is important to respect their space.

So, I think it is important to establish eye contact in attraction. But, not everyone does this. Why?

We all need a friend in a friendly medium. We need someone to receive our message in a clear voice and understand what we’re trying to convey. We need a conduit to give us advice and encouragement and help us find the direction we need in life.